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Overview of the LDMB

The LDMB contains a working set of 6 bells rung in the traditional full-circle method. It is mounted on a trailer that can be towed
by any vehicle capable of towing a large caravan and is available for any event where Church Bell-Ringing can be promoted.

Lichfield Diocesan Mobile Belfry

Charges for 2021

1. Hire Charge
a) Within the Lichfield Diocese £25 per day
b) Outside the Lichfield Diocese £100 per day (1st day) & £50 per day (2nd and subsequent days)
c) Weddings by arrangement

2. Mileage Charges
a) Up to 50 miles £75
b) Additional miles 75p per mile

3. Hirer Collects and Tows
If the hirer collects and tows the trailer to the event the charge will be £25, to cover the erector's travel costs.

The Lichfield Diocesan Mobile Belfry is registered as a Charitable Trust No. 1077853 and is supported by a grant from The Foundation for Sport and The Arts.

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