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Quarters - Tower Totals for 2017


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Alton (St Peter), Staffordshire   (1)
Sat 11th Mar 1280 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
Gnosall (St Lawrence), Staffordshire   (1)
Mon 6th Feb 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Haughton (St Giles), Staffordshire   (2)
Mon 23rd Jan 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Sun 9th Apr 1272 Plain Bob Minimus
Hodnet (St Luke), Shropshire   (1)
Sat 11th Feb 1280 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
Newcastle under Lyme (St Giles), Staffordshire   (1)
Fri 10th Mar 1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Rocester (St Michael), Staffordshire   (1)
Sat 11th Mar 1280 Spliced Surprise Major (5m)
Rolleston-on-Dove (St Mary), Staffordshire   (2)
Sun 12th Feb 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Sat 25th Mar 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Stafford (St Mary), Staffordshire   (1)
Sun 2nd Apr 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Stoke on Trent (Minster Church of St Peter ad Vincula, Stoke-upon-Trent), Staffordshire   (3)
Sat 28th Jan 1296 Julie McDonnell New Bob Caters
Sat 4th Mar 1259 Grandsire Caters
Sat 1st Apr 1282 Burton Surprise Royal
Stone (St Michael and St Wulfad), Staffordshire   (4)
Sun 1st Jan 1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Sat 14th Jan 1282 Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
Sat 4th Feb 1260 Doubles (3m)
Sun 2nd Apr 1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major

A total of 17 quarters have been rung for the North Staffordshire Association in 2017

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